About Us

About Us


At Lumens, we work harder for you. With the youngest and greenest fleet in the market, we strive to only be the best. Being an innovative leader in the automotive industry, we provide a seamless experience to enhance our customers’ journey.

Be Our Customer

who we work for and what lumens give them

Our customer value proposition

VISION: 8024. Eight thousand fleet size 2024

Customer Service

  1. One-Stop Shop With Seamless Experience And Holistic Support
  2. Dedicated Relationship Manager attending To Drivers’ Queries / Needs
  3. Integral Servicing/ Maintenance in 45 minutes.
  4. Exclusive Lounge Areas for Drivers


  1. Quality cars
  2. Highest petrol discount in
    the market
  3. Driver Wealth loyalty programme

Peace of mind

  1. 3 minute Response To Accidents/ Emergencies
  2. 24-Hour Roadside Assistance

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Our Core Values

The values guide us in delivering the best service possible. 

Customer Centric

Our attention is channelled to meeting our customers’ needs.


By doing what is right, we uphold the promises made to our customers, partners, and colleagues.


Relentless and hungry, nothing can stop us from going beyond our target. 


Being experts in the field, we will adapt and evolve to better serve our customers amidst the ever-changing landscape.

Advisory Board

Our members of the advisory board offer advice and guidance toward our goals and aspirations.

Care For Employees

What we get working at lumens

Our employee value proposition

VISION: 8024. Eight thousand fleet size 2024


  1. Dental and medical benefit
  2. Lumens Medical (upcoming)
  3. Lumens mini-gym (upcoming)
  4. Preferential financing for vehicle loans
  5. Staff 30% discount shell card (upcoming)
  6. Commmunity Giveback

Care We Provide

  1. Dental and medical benefits
  2. Staff-only fitness corner
  3. Exclusive petrol discount

Career Advancements

  1. Place of upbringing and learning
  2. Providing Additional tools and Resources
  3. Cross-Department Mobility
  4. Sponsored Courses

Company Culture

  1. Collaborative Work Environment
  2. Close Mentorship Opportunities
  3. Bigger, Better, And More Fun!