As an effort to foster community and connection, Lumens is challenging its driver-partners to guess the number of Ping Pong balls in a Toyota Corolla Altis for National Day.

Driver-partners are invited to participate in this mini-challenge at LyloHaus, a drivers' center located at 300 Sin Ming Road, to get a chance to win prizes totaling over $11,000.

Lumens is a leading PHV and car leasing company in Singapore with a fleet of over 3,000 cars. With a growing community of active driver-partners, it has been Lumens’ priority to provide a much-needed sense of community and belonging for these drivers who often work alone.

The National Day event serves as a unifying opportunity for driver-partners from diverse backgrounds to come together and celebrate. By engaging in the mini-challenge, driver-partners will have a chance to bond with fellow drivers, make connections, and share ideas. Running the National Day Event has been an annual endeavour that Lumens takes great pride in for the past 5 years, consistently receiving positive feedback from driver-partners and the community.

Similar events are also organized during special occasions like Ramadan and Chinese New Year, where driver-partners are honoured with awards in recognition of their long service and hard work. These events feature live food stations, interactive activities like spin-the-wheel, and more, providing a space to commune and encouraging interaction among drivers.

Lumens is also extending its invitation to other drivers in the Taxi and PHV community. From 10 July to 18 August, they can head over to LyloHaus and walk away with a special goodie bag filled with curated gifts. As the nature of self-employment can be quite lonely, Lumens is hopeful that organizing events like this will give drivers a space to socialize and connect with each other.

Drivers get a goodie bag curated with gifts and a free National Day T-shirt.

In addition to community-building events, the company is also dedicated to empowering its driver-partners through specialized training and development courses. These courses cover a range of topics such as Child Protection, Workplace Safety, and workshops highlighting the vibrant Singapore food scene. Drivers are equipped with valuable resources and skills to cater to diverse passenger needs, including children and patients with medical requirements. With continuous upskilling, they can enhance their review scores on ride-hailing platforms and even seek higher-paying job opportunities as trained and certified drivers.

Lumens' vision to establish a thriving and interconnected driver community in Singapore is evident in its proactive approach to organizing these events, and its continuous commitment to innovative and inclusive initiatives.

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