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Everywhere you go matters to us. We build our tech around your daily lives.

We Value Our People & Drivers

What we value most is our long-term relationships with a strong network of private hire drivers. We are market leaders in supporting our professional drivers’ needs, to ensure they are best equipped to drive with a peace of mind.

Shaping Our Tech-Driven Ecosystem

We are building for an exciting new era where we bring in service providers, corporates and individual consumers to our ecosystem. We have reached a critical mass of drivers and car fleet that we can use technology and online platforms to enable a new paradigm of “sharing economy” services that impact more lives on a daily basis.

At Lumens, we thrive in a collaborative workspace where every department works in tandem towards our shared vision. Through co-creation with our partners and stakeholders, we propel the company to greater heights.

Open discourse is encouraged as we value transparency and different perspectives.

With a performance-oriented culture, we celebrate and reward the successes of our people.


Join us! Be the spark of change.

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