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With years of experience in the automotive industry

Lumens works hard to provide
fuss free solutions and exclusive perks.

Car salesman showing car features to customer

PHV Rental:

Having the largest and youngest fleet in the industry, exclusive petrol discounts, in-house loyalty programs, and an industry-leading response team are just a few reasons why you should lease with us!


Car ownership




Sell your car with us in 3 easy steps!


Call to Enquire

at +65 6714 6614


Wait For Appointment

We will fix an appointment
with you for viewing.


Finalise Paperwork

Finalise the paperwork and
collect your sales proceeds.

Hassle and paperwork free!
What's better? 0 Administrative charge!

With our extensive fleet of vehicles

Find the right car
for the right job today!


Corporate leasing makes perfect sense for owners who value the safety and comfort of financial soundness.

Corporate leasing is the perfect choice for you if you are seeking a sustainable cash flow assured by long-term leasing.



The shorter terms of personal leasing only mean you get to change up your ride sooner, pay lower monthly installments, and have peace of mind.

Free your worries about depreciation, servicing, and repairs because we will handle everything for you!

Maintenance, servicing and grooming

We understand how busy your day can get. Hence, we will only need 45 minutes to service your car while you recharge in our driver’s lounge.

Both you and your car can leave in 45 minutes recharged, refreshed, and ready to take on the rest of the day.

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