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Introducing Driver Wealth: Our Partner Membership Program

Driver Wealth allows you to earn as you drive with Lumens. Every dollar you spend with us earns you a coin, accumulate enough and redeem rewards.

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50% Petrol Discount, Upfront.

Presenting to you, the highest upfront petrol discount in the market of 50% This offer is exclusive to our customers. Save up to $420* a month on petrol—Let that thought settle in for a minute.

*Based on average petrol consumption across common hybrid vehicle models.

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A thousand pieces of gold cannot buy one breath of life

As we move towards bringing more value to our customers, we’ve partnered up with a platform that allows you to get medical consultations without even leaving your home.

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When the heart is at ease, the body will be healthy

We believe in taking care of what’s important—you. Get insurance coverage of up to $80,000 while you drive with us.