With the market offering wide choices of car models for PHV Driver-Partners, looking for the perfect model to suit your PHV driving needs can be challenging. More so if you are serious about stretching every dollar to maximize your time and income. Whether you are a new PHV Driver-Partner who just got your Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational License (PDVL) or Taxi Driver's Vocational License (TDVL) OR an experienced PHV Driver-Partner who is researching on the right car model to help you maximize your PHV income after your current car rental contract expires, the Lumens Exclusive Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid is the perfect choice for you!

Why did we make Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid a Lumens Exclusive?

We all know that the standard Toyota Corolla Altis is an affordable and reliable sedan, and it is easy to spot one on the road. The standard Toyota Corolla Altis is powered by an internal combustion engine that runs solely on petrol.

While the Petrol version of the Toyota Corolla Altis is widely available for PHV driving, we've elevated the experience by introducing the Hybrid version. A Hybrid car has several advantages over a Petrol car:

1. Lower fuel consumption
Discover the prime advantage of Hybrid cars—impressive fuel efficiency. By seamlessly blending gasoline and electric power, these vehicles consume less fuel than Petrol cars. For Driver-Partners covering long distances, this translates to substantial savings on fuel costs, making Hybrid cars a smart and economical choice.

2. Lower maintenance
A Hybrid vehicle also has an internal combustion engine but is assisted by an electric motor which uses electric power either at lower speeds or part-time. This means that you will not put the internal combustion engine through as much wear and tear, significantly extending its lifespan compared to a Petrol vehicle. In addition, the removal of many parts and the higher reliability of electric and battery components also result in lower maintenance for Hybrid vehicles. For example, regenerative braking in a Hybrid vehicle means there is less wear on brake pads. Ultimately, this translates to decreased downtime for Hybrid vehicles, ensuring Driver-Partners spend more time on the road.

3. Eco-friendly
Hybrid cars are designed to reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel efficiency, making them more environmentally friendly compared to Petrol cars. Some of the eco-friendly features include regenerative braking, capturing and storing energy lost during braking, and idle-stop, intelligently turning off the engine when the car is stationary to conserve fuel. Overall, an eco-friendly Hybrid car offers a more environmentally responsible option for transportation while still providing the convenience and practicality of a Petrol vehicle.

By seamlessly integrating Toyota's renowned Corolla Altis model with cutting-edge Hybrid technology, this creates a truly exceptional driving experience that embodies the best of both worlds. The result? Unmatched fuel efficiency and minimal downtime.

This fusion of reliability and Hybrid innovation represents the pinnacle of automotive excellence, providing not only enhanced fuel efficiency but also minimizing downtime for an unparalleled driving experience.

Rent a Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid from now till 30 November 2023 to enjoy unlimited petrol reimbursement*. In addition, enjoy up to $5,050 cashback* and stand a chance to win an additional $100* worth of petrol from now till 14 December 2023. Drop us a WhatsApp message or simply submit your interest here.

Read on to find out more about the Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid:

1.Power Beyond 950km Mileage with Every Complete Refuel

Toyota has been pioneering Hybrid electric technology for over 20 years. Their objective has always been to deliver a smoother and more efficient drive. The Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid allows you to travel 950km on a full tank which is almost 5 times around Singapore coastline. You will be sure to save on fuel cost when you choose the Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid!

2. Fit 3 Large Suitcases with Ease

Picking passengers to and from the airport is inevitable for PHV drivers. The Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid boost a 468L boot capacity. This means that you can fit 3 large suitcases with ease and still send 4 passengers comfortably.

3. Comfortably Seat 3 Adults at the Back

When it comes to cars that are most suitable for PHV jobs, being able to fit 3 adults comfortably in the rear seat is a big deal! When passengers are happy, they will be more likely to give you a better rating and tips for your service.

4. Generations of Reliability

Over 50 years and 12 generations of innovations and breakthroughs, the Toyota Corolla Altis is a highly dependable car! Come down to Lumens Showroom (22 Sin Ming Ln, #01-74/75 Midview City, Singapore 573969) to view the car and experience the drive today!

What’s more? Rent a Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid from now till 30 Nov to enjoy unlimited petrol reimbursement*. In addition, enjoy up to $5,050 cashback* and stand a chance to win an additional $100* worth of petrol from now till 14 December. Drop us a WhatsApp message or simply submit your interest here.

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